Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Seriously, Liveblogging a Funeral on Facebook?

I know that those of you who read my blog regularly are not the same people who commit the kind of wretched behavior I noted in this blog's title, but what amazes me is that I apparently have "friends" in the Facebook realm who do so. Look, if I had wanted to watch the funeral, I would be watching it right now. Please do not give me a blow-by-blow complete with your commentary. I don't care that much. And the only people who do are also watching the funeral, not reading Facebook.

To conclude, I will quote my beloved Backbencher, who has many, many times said, "If my funeral lasts more than an hour, I am getting up and walking out."

That is all.


Lucky Fresh said...

O. M. G. I so hear you. We don't have TV, so I have been mostly successful at avoiding the whole thing, except for the incessant craziness on facebook.

In their defense, if they were facebooking about it, they were probably only sort of into it in the first place. Well, some of them anyway. Then you had the ones who were so into it they had to force the rest of us into it too!

Way annoying!

Lucky Fresh said...

Hilariously, when I first read your title, it didn't even occur to me what it would be about. I figured you knew someone who'd twittered from a funeral they were actually at. That's how removed I am from that whole MJ thing.