Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brother Bob Finally Gets Some Props

I admit I've been neglecting Backbencher's family here on the blog.  They are such a kind group, for the most part, and they are relatively drama-free, so that probably explains it.  But Bob (Brother of Backbencher) texted me yesterday with some wedding etiquette ponderings.  First he wrote (and I'm editing slightly as he's an atrocious speller/texter and it just about kills me): "After attending the wedding last night I came up with some business ideas."  

First of all, what wedding?  This is the first I am hearing of any wedding he attended, but he makes it sound like I was officiating.  He's just funny that way.....and I do love him....the way you love the annoying little brother of your HS boyfriend, except that Bob is 28 and could crush me with his pinky.  I digress....

His text did pique my interest.  "What wedding and what ideas?"

Turns out it was the wedding of a friend he's known since middle school.  "First idea is wedding cards for single guys to give, and souvenirs like the foam finger or t-shirts."  

Seriously, the single guy cards idea is totally worth it.  I mean, I loved all the beautiful wedding cards so many of y'all gave to me, and there was a lovely sentiment to it all.  But sentiment is NOT what I expect from people like Bob, even if he is my BIL.  Truthfully, I expected a card from him that was filled with rancid easy-cheese.  That's how he shows his love (that and throwing mini-footballs at my head from the kitchen).

The foam fingers, not so much.  The t-shirt thing could totally fly, as long as it was kitschy and clever, and not sappy.  Bob does not do sappy.  A friend from HS who is in the theatre scene in LA had director's chairs made up with her and her spouse's name on it.  I don't know who-all got them, but it was a genius idea!

Also, Bob wanted to know if cameras can be limited at weddings.  He noted that in a ceremony with 25 people, probably 23 of them took pictures during the ceremony.  This is a major etiquette issue that I admit I have pretty much given up on.  I did two weddings today, one at the church and one in a park, and people were taking picture after picture during the ceremony.  And not even the professional - at the one wedding with a professional photographer, he came up beforehand and ASKED if I had any issues with flash photography.  "As long as I look good and the picture-taking isn't obtrusive, that's fine."  But at the wedding this morning, the couple "had" to kiss over and over again while their friend finally got the right shot.  (It was funny the first time she asked for a do-over, but not the fourth.)

If 95% of your wedding guests are family, you don't need everyone taking pictures of the same thing.  Get 2 of the best cameras and photographers to take shots and SHARE with everyone else.  We are in a digital age, brothers and sisters!

So, Bob, I am putting your ideas out in the universe.  If no one acts on them in the next 30 days, you should get going on that "wedding cards from single guys" idea.  I am pretty sure you could start a whole new division at Hallmark.

And, to Nicolle and Michelle of New Braunfels, TX, and to Mickie and Michelle of Nevada, IA, congratulations!  I was honored to share in your special day, and I wish you every blessing as you begin your married lives.  Mavel Tov!

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