Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Morning Coffee Break

I don't actually drink coffee, but I do sometimes take a little break from work to check out what's going on in the world of news. Today, the topic seems to be reproductive choice. I found some links to some interesting sites you may want to check out.

CPC Watch keeps an eye out on crisis pregnancy centers. The most recent post centers around pro-woman adoption agency materials. In the first response to this post, there is a nice shout-out to The Avalon Center, with whom I've worked (and by whom I've been trained) in my sideline gig. They provide a holistic approach and work both with adoptive families and birthmothers (and often her family as well).

This was an interesting proposition for how pro-life people live out those convictions. I think it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it does make me wonder, if so many faith traditions are so opposed to abortion, clergy in those traditions do not urge their parishioners to adopt at least as often as they rail against abortion.


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Lucky Fresh said...

Hey, I gave you an anonymous shout-out in my sermon today. Something like, "There are churches that maintain continuous protests at women's clinics that perform abortions, and then there are also clergy who serve on the boards of those same clinics."
I had been asked to preach on abortion and homosexuality, and took as my main point - to explain why I don't usually - that faithful, committed Christians have opinions all over the spectrum on these issues. It was kind of a cop-out, but in this context, pointing out the people on your end of the spectrum is kind of revolutionary. With the others, I was just being charitable!