Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Funny Because It's True

Many moons ago, I was introduced to the site "Stuff White People Like." This satire site is ostensibly aimed at people of color who may want to integrate into white culture, though I suspect that a number of white people read it to laugh at themselves. They are almost always spot-on in their assessments, and more than once I've winced as I realize that some of the stuff I do is just oh-so-typical-white-people behavior. (I don't mind that people realize I'm white, I just hate being typical.)

Friend-of-the-Blogger Shar reminded me of this great site some time back, and last year, Backbencher gave me the book for my birthday. We've had great fun with it over the past 12 months. But today's entry may well take the cake in self-parodying humor. I used to be proud that I would read the book before I saw the movie; in fact, I got into the Harry Potter series because the movie looked so fascinating, and I decided I should read the book before I saw the movie. Now, it is just another sign of my typical white-ness. *sigh*

However, I will say that I'm not really a Dave Eggers fan (another, more literary heresy), I don't really follow Spike Jonze but I'm sure I've liked many movies in his oeuvre, and I was actually excited when I learned a movie of "Where the Wild Things Are" was in production. So, maybe I'm not a Typical White Person?

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