Sunday, July 05, 2009

Glad to Be Back

Wow.  That's all I can say.  I was at General Synod for one little week, and all hell breaks loose.  Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, coup in Honduras (probably should have led with that one), and probably a bunch of other stuff I've already forgotten.  Then, before I've gotten my feet back under me, Sarah Palin offers the gift that appears to keep on giving (on my birthday, no less), a football player is apparently murdered, and this Honduran coup keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Synod itself provided plenty of fodder for plenty of blog posts, but they are going to have to wait for a day or two.  I've got lots of notes and pithy quotes, but I'm still processing the whole experience.  It is definitely a different experience attending Synod as a delegate rather than as a visitor, and both have benefits...and costs.  The largest cost, without a doubt, was the insistence on 6:45am delegate caucuses.  At least we had breakfast!  And it was a bit later than many other conference's caucus, so I am trying to keep the whining to a minimum.  But still!  Even if I'd gone straight to bed after all the work of Synod, I'd still be behind my normal 8 hours.  

But of course I did not go right to bed right after the work of Synod, because there was much visiting and catching up with friends, and lots and lots of 2030 after-hours gatherings.  Which meant many, many late nights.  And early mornings.  Hence my exhaustion.  And my longer-than-usual processing of events.  I will say that there is much to think about, much to reflect on, and much to celebrate.  

On a final note, I just learned that one of my dear friends and colleagues in ministry has a blogsite for knitters.  Since she doesn't yet have a name on this blog, I can call her by the name of her site: Holy Knitter.  Holy Knitter is a terrific friend and we spent a lot of time deepening our friendship at Synod.  Per her request, I won't reveal her real-life identity, but I will say that for the past few years I've been rather surprised by her father's fondness of me and my ministry here...until I realized that Holy Knitter and I have a lot in common.  A LOT.  I think maybe Holy Knitter's dad sees his child in me....and I take it as a major compliment.  

I suspect that over the next year, Holy Knitter and I will be spending a great deal of time together, despite our diverse locales.  Until then, satisfy yourself with perusing the holy awesomeness of her blogsite.

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