Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sorry to be on an unplanned hiatus...

....for the last week or more.  First there was Christmas, then there was the New Year's Adam party (which this year took place on the day after Christmas), which itself entailed massive housecleaning, and then, just about the time I thought I might recover, a dearly beloved 90-year-old church member, Gretchen, died rather unexpectedly on Monday, hours after I rushed to be with her and her family.  Her funeral was yesterday.  And that has been my week.

Tomorrow I will baptize Gretchen's great-granddaughter, in another somewhat unexpected (but this time very happy) situation.  So, trying to work in baptismal theology with the remnant of Israel and the "In the beginning was the Word..." has proven interesting.  Also, my children's time was going to be about gratitude to accompany the Ephesians text (1:3-14), which I may or may not work in, or do it well.

If it all works out, maybe I'll post the sermon.  If not, well, I've got some other ideas rattling around, including the perhaps previously-unmentioned "Viagra Sermon."  

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