Friday, January 30, 2009

Processing All the Weirdness...

...that was this past week.  It was, for the most part, weird and wonderful, with more blessings than I expected and exactly what my soul needed.

The high points now, and I'll cover them in the next hours and days:
1. Darwin lives!  
2. Jay Bakker.  Seriously.  He's one of the few non-linear, random preacher-types I could listen to all day long.
3. The Miller-Mutias.  best.people.ever.  Except maybe Backbencher.
4. News from friends: pregnancies abound!  
5.  Karen Ward is my new shero.
6. Time with mentors is always great.  I heart Lizann and Kyle.
7. The 'kids' are all grown up, and one of them is my twin, separated at birth.

The weird and totally unexpected things:
1. Darwin lives.
2. PSR worship with the words "Jesus," "Lord," and "saves."  And progressive-theology praise music.  It was Earl Lectures, but still, it was surreal.

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