Friday, January 09, 2009

My friend, the genius

I think it's very admirable that my beloved, Backbencher, takes no offense at or bears no jealousy toward my near-continual pimping of our mutual friend Matt. Now, go read this.

I think I can say with some certainty that Matt would be a little pleased and proud to know that I find his blog post about not being impressive to be, well, rather impressive. Because, as much as we all (and by "we all," I mean we preacher-types) claim we don't want to be impressive, um, deep down, we do. We really, really do. (We know it's wrong and soul-killing, but we want to impress nonetheless.)

We want to impress not only for our own glory (which is nice), but also because we are on some level convicted that if we're impressive, what we'll really be doing is representing the Gospel really well. We seldom take it to its logical next step, because when we do, we're embarrassed at where it leads us. That is, if we're not impressive, then the Gospel - the call of Jesus Christ - won't be impressive.

As if!

And, way to go, Matt! Enjoy your friends, your beloved, and your time today. Use it wastefully, extravagantly, even, and give thanks to God for the freedom and power of the Holy Spirit.

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