Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Miscellany

1. Backbencher is AWESOME!  Tonight I went to play practice, which meant I missed my precious CSI (please don't tell me what happened in Grissom's last episode).  No problem, we have a VCR.  (Yes, a VCR.  We're too cheap for a DVR [to clarify: I'm too cheap for a DVR.].  And yes, you can buy VCR tapes, but not real easily.  But I digress...)  Well, tonight was Bush's farewell address, and Backbencher was concerned that the recording would end at 9pm, which might have been in the middle of CSI.  He changed the end time of the recording, but he expressed his anxiety that it might not work and that none of CSI would have gotten recorded.  He said, "I realize if this doesn't work, it may be grounds for divorce."

Silly Backbencher.  I can also watch CSI online if I need to.  But, he gets all kinds of points anyway ... (even though, upon checking the tape, he inadvertently got the start time a couple of minutes late.  No one's perfect, and anyway, it was just a rebroadcast of the prior episode, so no harm, no foul.)

2.  Dude, why has John Basedow not aged in a decade?  And why haven't his commercials changed in that time period, either?  His "Fitness Made Simple" ads are just plain weird.  

Time for bed, kids.

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