Friday, January 23, 2009

Tears in My Eyes

I know it's a little bit old news, but last night as I was driving to a meeting, I heard that President Obama had outlawed torture and said that Gitmo will be closed in a year (at the longest). This morning, I heard on NPR that he says interrogations must follow the Army Field Manual. Now, I'm not an expert in the Army Field Manual, but I do know it says everyone we capture has to be treated in accordance with the Geneva Convention, which the previous regime was loath to agree to. (and why was that again? Oh, yeah....because we TORTURED.)

We're not all better again, we need to make amends for the ways we have hurt our fellow brothers and sisters - and I have no idea how we can repair some of these wounds - but at last, our president is calling us to account, and to a new and better way of operating in the world. AT LAST!

Can I repeat that one part again? Sure - President Obama. And that other part? No more torture. Music to my ears, kids.

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