Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Women's Fellowship and the Minnisingers

One of the most steadfast institutions in the small church I serve is the Women's Fellowship. When I arrived, they met monthly on Wednesdays for at least two hours, with treats, a guest speaker, and a (rather tedious) business meeting, including the verbal reading of the previous month's minutes (which are published in the newsletter). I knew early on not to fight any of this. The group is mostly aging women, from the generation when many (let's face it, white) women did not have to work outside the home. They fretted that the younger women didn't come, but seldom changed the meeting times to accommodate the women who did work. And the topics were generally not interesting to many of the younger women. Alas - because I found this group to be engaging and obviously attentive to each other's needs, and interested in how they could serve the church.

Well, the group has continued to age, the times and situations of many have changed, and among the changes in the group has been that they now meet only 3-4 times a year. Today we are having lunch at the Hysham House and listening to the Minnisingers, one of our local high school's choirs. We've done this every year I've been here, but somehow, it's always a delight to listen to the students. Lunch, no doubt, will be some sort of casserole.

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