Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coming Soon: UCC Primer!

A colleague of mine at Planned Parenthood is considering converting from Catholicism (I bet you can figure out why), and she recently attended a UCC congregation in her new hometown. She had a great experience, but also had some questions about us that I was only too happy to answer. It got me thinking that some of y'all out there might also be interested in learning more about the UCC. Maybe, like my friend, you're a refugee from Catholicism, or from a fundamentalist tradition, and want to know why we do what we do the way we do. Maybe you're just curious about religion, and about the faith practices of Protestants. Maybe you are just curious about why I love liturgy. Maybe you're just avoiding work.

Whatever the reason, in the next few days/weeks/whatever, I'll be posting some "stuff" about the UCC as I understand it. This isn't going to be some sort of graduate-level dissertation on the faith and practice of the UCC - others have done that far better than I ever could. (also, see this.) This is meant for ordinary folk who just want to have some general, practical information about the UCC and what we do and believe. I'll talk about Communion, baptism, hierarchy, and covenant, and maybe some other stuff, too. Some history will be sprinkled in, but I'm not a name-and-date kind of gal, so if you want that info, check out this resource. Or this one.

First up will be a mini-introduction to what we are and aren't, with a teaser on the Reformation in general, especially for all you Catholics!

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