Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mental Health Break

So...about a week or so ago my friend Matt posted on his blog about his preaching anxiety dreams. (Yeah, this is going to be another Mardis-related derivative post, not nearly as good as the original) I've been having a lot more of them lately, which I do not understand at all. I used to get them sometimes on Saturday nights, perhaps if the bulletin hadn't yet been folded or the sermon given that last tweak.

Now I'm finding I'm having them during the week, even in weeks I'm not scheduled to preach, which is deeply unsettling for me (still, thank you, church, and thank you, Intern, for these little respites!). Generally the dream goes like this: there are not enough bulletins to go around, we have every visitor imaginable - the Jewish dad who used to sit behind me in the church where I did my field ed (hi, Larry, if you're reading!), whole biker gangs (seriously), all my friends from everywhere, BISHOPS (from other denominations, naturally), etc. Also, I've forgotten everyone's name, the musician isn't here, it is five minutes to church, I have no sermon and no ideas for a sermon, and I am not wearing shoes.

It is nice, however, to wake up from that dream and realize it is only Tuesday, and that there is still plenty of time to make bulletins, find shoes, and remember names. And make sure the biker gangs feel welcome - though in my dreams, they are always well-behaved. (It's usually the bishops you have to worry about.)

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Lucky Fresh said...

One thing that can help is going back into the dream (in your imagination, most likely) and finishing it up. My pastor growing up introduced me to this method. I think it would be particularly helpful in your situation, because the dream you're describing sounds like a perfect set-up for an awesome experience of the Holy Spirit.

Like the Ministers and Mates retreat when we had to wing it because the keynoter couldn't come. Best one ever.

With that wonderful mixture of people, and not enough bulletins forcing them to share, and the added adrenalin rush of an unfinished sermon, I think it would end up being a service everyone would remember for a long time.

So maybe the message of dream is something different...

Who knows? I'm just talking here...