Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama's Budget and Nuclear Bombs

From Hilzoy comes this!

I mean, when the nation you live in has enough nuclear bombs to destroy the world over at least several dozen times, you have to wonder how much is enough, or even too much. I've been hoping for this day since I was a wee lass growing up in hippie northern California....but I had no idea that nuclear non-proliferation was even on the table at this point.

I know there's some stuff about "mutually assured destruction" and "protecting our way of life" that I probably need to unpack some more....but at this point, I'm not even sure I'm capable of that. I mean, we just had a president zero out a nuclear warhead replacement item in the budget. That's huge!

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Robert said...

If we had sworn off nukes back when you were a "wee lass," then everything you know today as Europe would simply be part of the Soviet Block, which would still be going strong.