Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jesus, On the Cross, With a Light Saber

We have some adorable kids at church, and they are hilarious at times.  Several weeks ago, I realized that our kids are entirely obsessed with Star Wars.  It manifests itself in the most ridiculous fashions.  For example, a few weeks ago we were talking about "Holy Week" and I asked the kids to draw a picture of one of the stories we'd been talking about.  This was after we'd created some cool poems about Jesus and the Eucharist.

One of the kids - I kid you not - drew a picture of Jesus on the cross....with a light saber.  Relevant to this conversation is that the light saber was "lit."  It was then that I had to explain to the boy that the whole point of Jesus on the cross was that he did not, in fact, use the light saber when he could have.  I tried to draw a parallel to Obi Wan in Episode IV, sacrificing himself so that Luke and the others could get away...but the kid is only four and his attention was already on to the next thing.

Yes, I actually said that.  Talk about ministry in context, engaging the culture and all that.  Not how I imagined engaging the culture with youth (hello, those movies are as old as I am), but there you have it.  

(Joelle, the answer to your next question will be my next post!)

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