Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Count Now Stands at Five

That is, five same-sex couples who have asked me to perform their marriages. Many come from far away, and I am getting very creative in the pre-marital work I am asking of them (one couple has been together for nearly twenty years), but I have 4 dates on the calendar for the next 13 months, and one couple that will probably get back to me sometime this week. Plus, one heterosexual couple is in the mix, too!

Exciting times, let me tell you.

Oh, wait? Did you hear about Maine passing a law for marriage equality? And NH voting soon on the issue? AND the good old District of Columbia voting to recognize the same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions? I am losing count of where we are now in this good fight. All I know is, the news keeps getting better and better.

Unless you read my local paper. We have a new thing I sort of like, "Lean to the Left/Lean to the Right" where two staff writers take on an issue from their respective positions. The "left" guy is someone I don't know, but should. His take on marriage equality is very basic, but perfectly appropriate (of course, I always think I'd be more eloquent and perfect in my work...but you reader(s) know that's far from true). The "right" woman is the spouse of a local clergy person. She is nice enough, but if you read today's editorial, I think your head will explode as mine almost did (don't worry, the office is all cleaned up in time for tonight's meeting).

What's weirdest is that it's a basically incoherent rant that barely touches on the issue of same-sex marriage. Just that, you know, one day the world will end and people will look back on 2009 as the year all the debauchery began. (I don't even know what the "Muslim with machine-gun" thing even referenced, either. Anyone?)


Pastor Joelle said...

What is your church's official stance on same - sex marriage. All we have in the ELCA is a 1993 Conference of Bishop's statement that says this ted that there was no basis in Scripture or tradition for an official ceremony by this church for the blessing of same-sex unions, but that "Nevertheless, we express trust in and will continue dialogue with those pastors and congregations who are in ministry with gay and lesbian persons, and affirm their desire to explore the best ways to provide pastoral care for all to whom they minister" and it's non-binding.

Which I guess means we can do whatever we want. My congregation is about to pass a motion that there will be no same sex marraiges in the church.

I'm just saying it would be nice to have a little church support and guidance in this matter other than - "Do whatever you think is best"

LiturgyGeek said...

Hey Joelle, do you mean the UCC's stance or our congregation's stance?