Monday, June 01, 2009

In other news...

Dick Cheney, WTF?  One would hate to speculate that he has some sort of dread illness that is forcing him to repent of his earlier beliefs, but what else can explain this sudden change of heart vis-a-vis marriage equality?

When my brother-in-law (between Backbencher and I, we'll surely think of a clever nickname soon) texted me with this information, I was sure he was lying.  Because Dick Cheney made a real point of being a a real asshole - sorry, there's just no other word for it - about this issue when he was in office.

Maybe in the final throes of his publicity, he's trying to make headlines.  Or maybe he just realizes how a policy that denies equality denies the humanity of one of his own children.  

He may be an ally on this issue, but I'm still inviting him the Lambda Legal family picnic in Des Moines on July 18, 4-7 pm at the South Shelter of the Evelyn Davis Park (1400 Forest Avenue).  But I am inviting you!  Message me with your RSVP info - and kids are totally invited to this event.  You might even get to hear me speak.  (Okay, you definitely will get to hear me speak!)

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