Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Backbencher says the cutest things

At dinner tonight (shout-out to Casa de Oro, our favorite local Mexican restaurant), Backbencher and I got talking about Jim Wallis, who will be speaking at the next General Synod of the UCC.  Both of us share a great antipathy toward the man (or at least his public persona, neither of us have met him personally), and Backbencher came up with two pithy reasons why:

1.  Wallis believes so strongly in his beliefs that he's willing to sell out yours in order to achieve his goals.
2.  Wallis' theology can be summed up this way: "I love the poor, so you should give up your right to choose."  

ZING!  Time and time again, he just comes across as pompous and patronizing towards those with whom he disagrees.  And why on earth the MSM points to him as a leader of the "religious left" when the man's chief claim to fame is the aforementioned love for the poor (and the fact he marched with Dr. King).  Wallis just doesn't get that God's preferential option for the poor exists only in a context of full moral agency for all persons.  


Backbencher said...

Thanks Ms. Sweetie

Lucky Fresh said...

I've seen him in person at least once (I think twice) and he comes across as even more pompous that way. Try not to gag at Synod. I try, as with all people, to take the good and ignore the rest.
And really, I don't feel like he tries to insist that people agree with him in order for him to work with them. He'll just keep insisting that he's right, is all. And I'd probably do the same. But then, I'm probably pompous too, or at least I would be if I were his age and had his hair!