Friday, September 11, 2009

News From the 'Net Has a New Home, and an Update

Do any of you read Street Prophets?  Well, you should. (check the link to the side) But these days, one of my favorite parts of SP has moved to another site, and you should DEFINITELY check that out.  Again and again, in fact.  Russell King is, well, awesome.  He reads all the right-wing websites so we don't have to - and he gives us the highlights (or lowlights, as it were).

Plus, he may be the king of snark.

Sorry I've been so absent of late.  This is the downside of preparing for 3 Sunday school classes this fall.  That includes figuring out the room arrangements, getting those rooms in some sort of shape, buying a gazillion supplies....oh, and shaping a curriculum.  That's actually my favorite part of Sunday school prep - and the teachers are already excited and making their own additions to the work I've done, which makes me feel like letting go of the teaching aspect is going to be okay.

That's right.  This is the first year since my time here that I will not be teaching Sunday school.  We just have too many classes, and we also have some very gifted people who stepped forward to teach (and a couple of very gifted people who said no this year, but that is okay, too).  Since I'm still writing/adapting/shaping the curriculum, it's like I'm teaching.....only with better teachers actually doing the work and adapting as needed.  If it goes well, we may explore sharing it.

We also have at least two students who I think maybe experiencing a call to ministry - whatever that looks like for pre-teens in a mainline context.  (What does that look like?)  At least, they seem to exhibit some definite interest in the work I do and some definite gifts that would make ministry a good fit for them.


Lucky Fresh said...

When I and the other Priscilla from my church were pre-teens, it looked like us stepping to direct the Christmas pageant when no one else was doing it. We directed it two years in a row. I'm still kind of amazed they let us.

Russell King said...

Thank you! Such an endorsement is more than I could hope for. And I'm going to go out and have a T-shirt made that reads "King of Snark" Love it!


LiturgyGeek said...

Russell, you totally earn it!!! Thanks for continuing this work on your new blog; I may not respond often but I always read your stuff.