Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All in All, Not Such a Super Day

Wow, what a day.  Taxes were due, and I forgot to ask Backbencher to sign the forms before he left for work today.  Since he works an hour from home, and I wasn't going to drive all the way to his job, and he wasn't going to drive an hour back home, and our post office closes before he gets back from work....we met halfway.  Not how I wanted to start the day.  Plus, we owe some $$$ and of course, quarterly taxes are also due today.  *sigh*

Then, I learned that a couple I am getting to know who were so excited for the birth of their daughter at the end of this month lost the girl on Monday.  I don't know if I can imagine anything worse (and please, don't tell me if you can).  Just please pray for T and J.

THEN, I learned that I actually know the young woman my friends MJ and Guillermo have been supporting at NYU's Relay for Life this weekend.  Lauren Beam and I were on the track team together for a couple of years; she's wonderful and amazing...and has stage 4 colon cancer in her early thirties.  Please support Team Beam here; and if you want to be a real winner, bump MJ Pasion or Guillermo Rojas over the edge in their fundraising - just click their names and donate on their page.

Then, our favorite Chinese place closed tonight.  We waited over an hour for food, but it was totally worth it because it is our last chance to enjoy China Gate.  Godspeed, Kiet and family.

In a totally ironic turn of events, youth group today focused on seeing the glass as half-full versus half-empty.  That, and baseball.  So, on the positive side, I had a great little run today.  And the Chinese food was delicious.

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