Friday, February 06, 2009


Catch this video (yah, I'm still learning how to embed these things, so for now you'll just have to click the link).

I won't rehash the marriage equality arguments here, or give a big shout-out to my moms, who are among the 18,000+ couples legally wed in California. But for those of you who are married, try to imagine if someone tried to force you to get divorced. Literally force you. Like, going to court against your will to forcibly have your marriage ENDED. Bet you'd love that.

Ironically, the same people who want to force these married people to be forcibly divorced are the same people who lament the "casualness" with which heterosexuals enter and leave "traditional marriage." So, the best way for our culture to honor marriage vows is to ... force happily married people to not be married to each other any longer? Way to honor the sanctity of marriage, you jerks. (Backbencher, who's from the South, says I can say, "Bless their hearts" at the end of that sentence and it doesn't count as an insult.)

h/t Street Prophets and The Pocket Mardis

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